About the Netherlands Transgender Film Festival

The Netherlands Transgender Film Festival (NTGF) is a bi-annual event organised by T-Image Foundation since 2001, a community-based and non-profit organisation set up in 2000 that aims to organise cultural and educational events to encourage visibility and positive representations of transgender issues.

Aims of the NTGF
The festival shows film and video productions that contribute understanding to and generate discussions on transgender issues. Furthermore, the festival aims to provide a safe meeting point for those in the transgender community, their friends, and allies.

Festival Staff
Kam Wai Kui: Festival Director
Eliza Steinbock: co-organiser, programmer,
& convener of International Symposium on Trans Cinema Studies
Jankees Boer: Production & Film Traffic
Jac Paul Spaas: Publicity Editor
Annemarie Vollebregt: Translation & Editor
Laura Copier: Translation & Editor
Daan Manojlovic: Intern
Somaye Dehban: Volunteers Coordinator
Justus Eisfeld: Organisation & talk show
Jan Boeijink: Graphic design & Web design

Hormonotron II Party
Puck Verdoes (Pinq Radio)