Festival Opening: performance
Madame Pierre's Other Tongue

Wednesday 20 May, 20:00, De Balie, grote zaal

Burlesque cabaret performance by Lazlo Pearlman (USA/UK), 50 min.

Why is the French cock feminine? The German moon masculine? Do you know where to find der kitzler? Do you know what shame hair is? Would you like someone French to graze your watercress? Do you do drague?

Madame Pierre's Other Tongue is a subversive, surreal and silly look at language and gender, and gender in language. As well as being subversive, surreal and silly, Madame Pierre is sexy, salacious, saucy, salivating, salty, slick, seditious, satisfying, sordid, sartorial, scintillating, seductive, seedy, sensual, and so on, and so on. This solo show includes live singing, physical theatre and genderfuck from a queer variety artist, cabaret and burlesque transgender man's point of view.

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