Red without Blue

Thursday 21 May, 20:00, De Balie, grote zaal

Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills and Todd Sills, documentary, US 2007, English with no subtitles

The identical male twins Mark and Alex seem at first to have come from a typical all-American family with loving parents, however, in their shared inner world, the two led an emotionally turbulent life. By the time they are 14, Alex came out as gay, yet both got involved in a confusing relationship with the same older guy. The troubling situation eventually lead to drastic changes that the film seeks to recover and understand with hindsight. Told from the present, Mark is an art student, while Alex is now called Clair. Both mother and father share with breathtaking honesty their perspectives on their family, the twins’ relationship, and the impact of Clair’s gender ransition. Most impressively, each character is seen to actively and sometimes painfully redefine their notion of self-hood. Made by intimate friends of Mark, the story of Red without Blue is retold in a personal and trusting manner, which provides a uniquely intimate portrait of a family’s redemption from a dark past. Winner of many prizes, such as the Best Documentary at the San Francisco Frameline Festival and Toronto’s Inside Out.

This programme is co-sponsored by 25-jarige Schorer Buddyzorg and Schorer.