L'Ordre des Mots
+ Trannymals Go To Court (short)

Thursday 21 May, 22:00, De Balie, grote zaal

L'Ordre des Mots

Cynthia Arra and Melissa Arra, documentary, France 2007, 75 minutes, French spoken, English subtitled
L’Ordre des Mots is a politically engaging and informative portrait of six transgender and intersex activists from France. Leaving behind the typical ‘explanation’ structure present in many documentaries on trans issues, these activists pointedly question France’s social history of medicalization that has secured the conventions of the gender binary. In telling their own stories of surviving the trials of transitioning, each character offers the viewer options for alternative identities and sexualities. The documentary is poetic and reflective, and at the same time a compelling call for activism in the name of those who think ‘differently.’ This gracefully powerful film by Cynthia
and Melissa Arra is made with care and respect for its speakers.

Trannymals Go to Court

Dylan Vade & Abe Bernard, 2007, USA, Fiction, 12’, in English, not subtitled
A fairy tale with a cast of eight fiece and fiery-talking genitals who expose harmful legal practices and spreal unapologetic tranny pride.

This programme is co-presented by our Community Partner COC Nederland. Vice-president of the board of COC Nederland, Vera Bergkamp, will be present at the screening.

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