Giorgio/Giorgia: Storia di una Voce

Saturday 23 May, 16:00, De Balie, kleine zaal

Gianfranco Mingozzi, documentary, Italy 2008, 54 minutes, Italian spoken, English subtitled

Giorgio Montana was born in Palermo. Gifted with a heavenly soprano voice, Giorgio started to perform as Giorgia O’Brien in the 1960’s. As one of the first cross-gender singers in Italian history, Giorgia O’Brien built a substantial career in the cabaret and film industries. Surrounded by memorabilia from her past, Giorgia speaks about her career, her films for Franco Zefferilli and her opera performances for Patrice Chèreau, her trip to Casablanca for her physical transition, embarked on after watching the breaking news on Christine Jorgensen’s sex change. This lighthearted and charming portrait consists of numerous historical materials like film fragments from the Italian cabaret and music history, and interviews with colleagues and friends of Giorgia O’Brien.