Saturday 23 May, 16:00, De Balie, grote zaal

KIM Il-rhan, documentary, South Korea 2007, 115 minutes, in Korean with English subtitles
3xFTM not only reveals the dilemmas that arise in the lives of the three FTM´s, but also shines a bright light on South Korean society. What can you do when your sex has officially been changed, but your CV still states that you studied at a technical school for girls? How can you pass the physical exam for the compulsory term of armed services that every male has to fulfill in Korea? These are only some of questions that arise during the protagonists' journeys. Often answering with humor and breath-taking honesty, the three participants map their masculinity in terms of surgery, emotional needs, sexuality, friendship, and family. Won "Best Movie" at Independant Film Festival Seoul & Documentary Okrang 2007.