Film presentation on Christine Jorgensen in 'We Who Are Sexy' (Kaming Mga Talyada) from 1962 by historian Susan Stryker

Sunday 24 May, 16:00, De Balie, salon

Christine Jorgensen

Historian and filmmaker Susan Stryker discusses and shows clips from a campy archival treasure—a 1962 film from the Philippines featuring U.S. transsexual celebrity Christine Jorgensen, who was then performing an extended run at a Manila nightclub. The zany plot, revolving around seven gender-bent siblings and the women who love them, zig-zags between genres as well as genders: romantic comedy, musical, war story. Jorgensen turns out to be the straightest part of this incredibly queer movie! Christine Jorgensen, now a historical icon, was world news in 1954 as the young U.S. navy officer who decided to transition into a woman.

Susan Stryker is one of the most important transgender historians and is Associate Professor at the Indiana University of Bloomington. She is co-editor of the Transgender Studies Reader with Stephen Whittle and has written the foreword to Christine Jorgensen's biography. Stryker is co-director of the Emmy award winning documentary Screaming Queen, screened at the NTGF 2005.

This festival programme is sponsored by our hospitality sponsor the Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade

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