Prodigal Sons

Sunday 24 May, 22:00, De Balie, grote zaal

Marc, Paul (now Kimberley) and Todd as the McKerrow toddlers

Kimberley Reed, documentary, US 2008, 86í, in English with no subtitles

According to Marc, the filmmakerís adopted brother, life is against him. Marc was adopted as an infant but has had to endure the fact that his parents have two more sons, which gave the young Marc the feeling of being the Ďlesserí son of this family. Further, Marc was held back in pre-school and became placed in his younger brother Paulís class. In high school Paul was popular and successful as the captain of the football team. The rivalry between the brothers was intense. Blinded by his jealousy, Marc didnít realize that Paul suffered from being transgendered. The film starts when Paul, now Kimberley, returns to her hometown for a school reunion. Kimberly arrives only a few years after transitioning, but it is the first time in ten years she has seen Marc, who meanwhile has suffered from an accident that resulted in a severe brain injury. The footage began as a film for Kimís own archive, but the film grew in intensity and complexity to become a story of reconciliation. The unforeseeable plot twist in this family narrative is that Marc finds out during the filming that his mother was the daughter of Orson Welles and Rita Hayward...

Prodigal Sons won the international film critics prize FIRESCI at the Thessalonik International Film Festival in March 2009.