TransEntities: The Nasty Love of Papi' and Wil
+ Line of Sight (short), followed by discussion

Friday 22 May, 22:00, De Balie, salon

The Nasty Love of Papi' and Wil

Morty Diamond, docu/porn, 2007, USA, 63', in English, not subitled
This 'docu-porn' intimately captures a couple discussing their sex, sexuality and gender identity while also having hot sex as the camera rolls. They are a perverted and polyamorous couple who identify as TransEntities, a word they have coined. This is one of the first transgender erotic movies to discuss and demonstrate role play as a rich and meaningful part of a couples' sex life. It also shows a polyamorous relationship in action: Papi' and Wil engage in an unscripted scene with a third partner. You will be absolutely touched and turned on by this movie both physically and mentally.

Line of Sight

Eliza Steinbock and Charles Lofton, experimental short, 2008, USA/NL, 6’, in English, not subtitled
The film is a collaboration project that stages a conversation between a self-confessed trans-lover and a queer man—between friends interested in all the delicious complications involved in visualizing desire. Line of Sight takes off in images where the weight of words would hold love back.

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