Everybody, Everybody - Experimental shorts programme by curator Kate Huh

Thursday 21 May, 20:00, De Balie, kleine zaal

Yellow Brick Road

This program explores a diverse variety of experiences of the
transgendered body via an artistic/political perspective. History, language, fear, transgression of borders both national and social are all worthy subject matter represented by this collection of creative shorts made by international filmmakers. Total running time: 60 minutes. All shorts are in Engish with no subtitles.

The screening is sold out. An extra screening will be showed on Sunday May 24 at 4pm.

Red Square, Blue Square

Ethan Weinstock, 2007, USA, 6 min.
What if you could see spoken language? Would it make communication easier, or much more difficult? This is a touching film about a young trans man’s search for love and understanding.

F to M

Sarah Claudon, 2006, France, 8 min.
This piece is based on the testimony of an FTM transsexual and is a reflection on the social, domestic and corporeal aspects of the gender and sexual identity matters, aiming at banning the idea of determinism. The film strives to distance itself from representations made of clichés and playing on pathos of suffering.


Matthew Snead, 2007, UK, 3 min.
Performance artist/musician Taylor Mac wanders the streets of London in glorious drag, sharing his inner thoughts on fear and politics.


Ignacio Rivera, 2008, USA, 9 min.
They is an experimental short, using archival footage, about one person’s journey through their fluid and loose gender expression.


Alex Mah, 2007, Canada, 12 min.
This film tells the stories of seven trans, gender variant and two-spirit men of colour living in Southern BC, Canada. The story focuses on the way their daily lives are impacted, from borders to bars, by a lack of appropriate pieces of identification. It also documents the struggles that they face in acquiring proper identification, something that is becoming increasingly important in such a security conscious world.

Measina Fa'a Fafine: Treasures from a Third Space

Kirsty MacDonald, 2008, New Zealand, 6 min. (excerpt from "Assume Nothing" 2009)
A documentation of artist/curator Shigeyuki Kihara during the innovative 2007 exhibition in Auckland New Zealand- "Measina Fa'a fafine: Treasures from a Third Space", which was part of the programme “Love Life 2: Sexual Minority Groups of Pacific Island Origins.” Fa'afafine are men who in childhood choose to be raised to assume female gender roles, which is not discouraged in the traditional fa'asamoa (Samoan society).

A Yellow Brick Road

Trina Rose, 2007, USA, 15 min.
A theatre company decides put on a gender-bending version of 'The Wizard of Oz'. Backstage before the performance, Glinda, a young pre-op trans MTF dresses for her role and argues with the stage manager who insists she mark 'Male' or 'Female' on the payment form. Soon after, Glinda finds a friend in Maggie, who she assumes to be another pre-operative transsexual like herself. In actuality, Maggie is a female little person who is assigned the role of 'Munchkin #7' and a barrier between herself and Glinda fosters humorous, but bittersweet miscommunication.

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