Mainstay + Dressed as Me (short)

Saturday 23 May, 22:00, De Balie, kleine zaal

Dressed as Me


Dir. Elliot Montague, fiction, 2008, USA, 54', English with no subtitles

Mainstay's female-to-male protagonist returns home to the snowy drifts of rural Maine to attend his ex-lover's funeral. He also finds his hometown and family cold to and confused about how to handle his transition.The psychological and physical landscapes suggest an intimate space of family and the intrusion of a hostile public. In long shots that linger on the often times painful scenes of longing and desire for recognition, the film develops a melancholic, but ultimately contemplative landscape in which the viewer might come to recognize his or her own losses.

Dressed as Me

Dir. Claudia Bach, experimental short, Switzerland 2009, 11 minutes, German with English subtitles

Donning a moustache and romantic clothes, Bach's interviewee Romeo Koyte Rosen discusses her relationship to the power of the 'tache to be a shield, a guise, and an amulet to bring her in closer to her ideal place between a man and a woman. Shot in the snowy drifts of Switzerland.

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