T-Shorts #5 - Experimental shorts programme

Friday 22 May, 20:00, De Balie, grote zaal

Serenade in Fragments

In this year's shorts program we have selected from among the many fabulous and glittering, astute and raw videos made by and with trans folks. Spectacular music videos from emerging artists mingle with campy dance-offs, and visual critique. Always a festival favorite, this year's T-shorts shall not disappoint. We've selected a thoroughly enjoyable collection of the best of the most recent shorts.

Boyz Like Us

Tom Rexi Weller, fiction, 2007, Germany, 15', in German with English subtitles
A steamy, sexy, and queer critique of the military!? Watch delicious soldiers Kramer and Malaki battle the invisible enemy -- within.

Serenade... in Fragment

Marijo St. Amour, experimental, Canada, 2008, 15', no dialogues
The abstract, multi-layered images of this self-portrait recall love affairs, youth recaptured, and an enchanting melancholy.

In the Face of God

Peter Pizzi, 2007, Canada, short fiction, 7'
Part musical address, part existential crisis, The Face of God delivers a hysterical monologue in the back alley while showing hot trade (or God?) masturbating. The trans figure comes face-to-face with illusions of grandeur and fantasies of love.

Midnight Star

Atif Siddiqi & Khaldoon Ahmed, 2008, Canada, music video, 4
Singer Tranie Tronic longs for her lover to be more than a brief sizzling affair.


Ho Tam, Canada, 2004, music video, 5
A MTV parody of our global culture that re-tells the New World history with music remixed from the 4 versions (English/French/Chinese/Spanish) of Disney's movie soundtrack. Featuring Korean American transgendered activist/performer Pauline Park.


Alie Cotterill, USA, 2007, music video, 4
A lush, ironic, smutty and fun song with appropriately matching visuals from the artist, Athens Boys Choir.

Queerer than Thou

Ramses Rodstien, 2009, USA, short fiction, 8
Through off-beat humor and a goofy dance-off finale, Queerer Than Thou tackles the age-old question of 'Who is the queerest of them all?'

Traverse City

Mickey Ray Mahoney, 2009, USA, fictional sit-com, 30'
Traverse City is a humorous series that grapples with the emergence of distinct trans identies in queer community, the disruption of homo-normativity, and the acceptance of family whether blood or chosen. Following Jack, a transgender man, as he goes to meet his girlfriend's parents, this first episode is about their navigation of their daughter's 'lesbian' sexuality when she surprises them with a male partner.

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