06/05/2009: Press Release 5th Netherlands Transgender Film Festival


Amsterdam, May 2009

T-Image Foundation, in cooperation with Cinema de Balie, presents:

5th Netherlands Transgender Film Festival
May 20 – 24, 2009
De Balie, Amsterdam

T-Image Foundation likes to welcome you to the 5th edition of the Netherlands Transgender Film Festival, another fantastic five-day event drawing transgender people, friends, family and allies. We are especially proud this year to create a ‘community program’ of free events, such as screenings of activist documentaries from around the world and two workshops for first-time and newly-initiated filmmakers. Come one and all to be inspired and challenged!

What’s in store at the festival:

The festival opens with the sexy and sassy burlesque cabaret performance, Madame Pierre's Other Tongue by Lazlo Pearlman. Lazlo's flirty and dirty performance kicks-off a line-up of poignant films from the Sex Positive themed-program that dares to show loving trans and intersex relationships in detail, such as the groundbreaking TransEntities. Family Ties is also one of our focused themes this year with several award-winning films that through intimate documentary and inventive fiction pose the question of what it means to transition not just for the individual, but for the partners, closest friends and family. In this program, we wish to especially highlight the festival's closing film, Prodigal Sons by Kimberly Reed, which began as a personal recording of events, but grew into an incredible story of family reconciliation. As always we select films that clearly articulate the complex identity politics that spiral out from trans practices and experience. This year's topical theme of Transitioning Borders especially speak to the impact of movement, namely (im)migration, on trans identity with the festival's center pieces Identities and Transvestites also Cry. In the program on Language & Activism, we highlight political ‘essay’ films like L’Ordre des Mots and Against a Trans Narrative. Evidence of ever-growing numbers of trans folks creating great and often entirely independent art is found in our two shorts programs: T-Short #5 and Everybody, Everybody, guest-curated by Kate Huh. The trans cinema of today comes from a visual archive that we wish to reflect upon in our Regained History themed-program, which includes an engaging documentary on the miraculous Italian soprano singer Giorgia O'Brien, the cult classic Funeral Parade of Roses, and a lecture from transgender scholar and filmmaker Susan Stryker on Kaming Mga Talyada (We Who Are Sexy), a Philippines campy archival treasure featuring Christine Jorgensen.

The program is now online: www.transgenderfilmfestival.com

The Netherlands Transgender Film Festival is subsidized by Hivos and the City Council of Amsterdam, in collaboration with community sponsors COC Nederland, Transgender Network Netherlands and Café Saarein II.

AND Announcing: The International Symposium on Trans Cinema Studies, May 19, 2009: a festival kick-off academic event, is organized by Eliza Steinbock with the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) in cooperation with Asian Studies in Amsterdam (ASiA), International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) and T-Image Foundation. For details, please see, www.hum.uva.nl/asca.

Hormonotron II: Festival party Thursday, May 21. Location to be announced. With: DJs Natasha & Puck (PinQ Radio), DJ Zubrovka, DJ Lupe & VJ Martin Duvall, Special Acts: a hot burlesque striptease from Lazlo Pearlman (U.S./ GB), musical performance by Rae Spoon (Canada) and many more! Host: Monsieur Plastique (NL).