Ask a Tranny. Performance by Morty Diamond & Jiro Ghianni

Wednesday 20 May, 19:00, De Balie, foyer

Morty Diamond with Ask a Tranny stand

The Foyer, De Balie

What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when being confronted with a transgender person? Do you have questions but afraid to ask to a transgender person? Would you like to admit the voyeur in you when talking about transgender issue? What would YOU like to know?

Ask a Tranny is a performance piece from the transgender artist Morty Diamond that aims to create a public dialogue about the intimate issues of gender identity and being a transgender person. Ask a Tranny gives the viewer a chance to be a voyeur by having a trans person in front of them admonishing their gender identity loud and clear. The performance explores at the same time themes of curiosity, voyeurism, honesty, integrity in public dialogues.

Morty Diamond (U.S.) has been performing As a Tranny in public spaces such as the Central Park in New York, or city streets. By setting up a table with a sign that reads As a Tranny, Morty Diamond answers all questions from people passing by.

The Dutch based transgender artist Jiro Ghianni will join Morty's performance in the Foyer of De Balie or, if the weather permits, at the entrance of De Balie on the street.

Website of Morty Diamond

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