16/05/2009: Meet our Guests: Morty Diamond

The now in L.A. based Morty Diamond is a creative activst, independent filmmaker and performance artist. The festival will show his daring docu porn Transentities on Friday May 22 and Morty will perform his public event Ask a Tranny with our own trans artist Jiro Ghianni at the opening night.

What do you look for in a porn?
In porn I am watching to get me off? The hotness factor has to be there. I watch all kinds of porn, straight, gay and trans and definitely need to see a little bit of a connection between the performers to make it hot for me. I am also interested in watching porn that isnít so run of the mill. Thatís why I decided to start making porn in the first place. In a time where there were maybe four pornoís featuring transmen I made Trannyfags, and I sought to make it as hot but also something that has never been seen before (at the time!). After a while I started to really want to see porn made with real couples and so I made Trans Entities. I think the sex in Trans Entities far surpasses any regular porno in terms of hotness, its just undeniable within a couple like Papií and Wil.

What's the most memorable question that you were asked in you ASK A TRANNY performance?
Ah, there have been so many! One really memorable interaction with my Ask A Tranny performance was in Union Square in New York City. It was noon and I was sitting in my little Ask A Tranny booth and a guy came up to me who seemed like a totally normal straight guy, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. He started to ask me about my transition. I talk about my doctors, my surgeries, my family and then the guy says to me ďI feel like Iíve been stuck in this body for over forty years and would really like to transition but my wife and kids mean so much to me, what do you think I should do?Ē And it was such a kick in the face for me, to be looking at this conservative, average looking man and knowing inside was a trans person waiting to emerge. I just said what I felt was the most honest thing I could say, that transitioning will happen when you know itís right, and hopefully when that time comes the acceptance will come from his family, slowly but surely. It continues to blow my mind knowing what we perceive a person to be by viewing them physically and how that can be 100% inaccurate. As a trans person I know that intrinsically but sometimes even a trans person forgets!

What genres interest you most in trans cinema and why?
My main interests in trans cinema is whatever looks fresh, new and interesting. I suppose my main interests within the genre are pornography, documentary and feature film.
Pornography for itís sheer cultural impact, documentary because I like to see what real trans people are doing in their lives and feature film because I keep hoping for something worthwhile.

What is the future of trans cinema?
The future of trans cinema? I am not sure where trans cinema, as a genre, is headed but I hope upward and onward! I have seen a lot of great work, produced by trans and queer people, that gives depth and honesty to the trans experience and I hope that trend continues.
I donít know many directors and producers, who are not trans or queer, making movies with a transgender main character thatís any good. And Iím still waiting for trans people to be put into mainstream movies that donít have a trans storyline, where we are seen as a part of the normal fabric of this world, who fall in love and struggle with life just like everyone else.

What are you looking forward to doing/seeing while at NTGF 5?
I havenít seen Still Black by Kortney Ryan Ziegler or Mainstay by Elliot Montague, so I am looking forward to seeing those films. Also, Kate Huh has an experimental shorts program that looks very good so Iíll be heading to see that as well!

Website of Morty Diamond

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